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A truly global group, our investment team has managed investment portfolios for individuals and institutional investors through multiple market environments since 1991. Our people are dedicated both locally and globally to customer satisfaction, community improvement and ethical business practices.

Mohammad S. Rahman


Mr Rahman has over 33 years in the financial industry, including senior roles at Wachovia and Merrill Lynch. His credentials provide the knowledge backbone and his personal values provide the base for the mission. He founded The One Ummah Foundation - an organization dedicated to ending child labor in underdeveloped communities, and The Institute of Halal Investing - an independent think tank on Islamic finance, banking and investing to strict ethical standards.

Dr Shannon Pratt

Chairman of the Investment Committee

Shannon P. Pratt, CFA, FASA, ARM, ABAR, MCBA, CM&AA, is is a well-known authority in the field of  business valuation, as illustrated by the number of professional recognitions and distinguished awards he holds. Dr Pratt has written numerous books that articulate the concepts used in modern business valuation around the world. Our esteemed advisor provides a perspective that is difficult to match.

Jonathan Truong

Portfolio Manager

Jonathan has not only merged his multidisciplinary approach that served his MBA, but he now directs this focus in establishing suitable investment policies for clients and Rubicon's investment thesis. Jonathan utilizes his skill set under the Rubicon brand to help forward notable ideas to the commercial and equity stage. He combines his technical chartist knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results to Rubicon's clients and network.

Michelle Huntington

Director, Business Development

Michelle Huntington brings insight and high-level customer service through many years of corporate experience from Global Fortune 500 companies to small startups. Her passion for connecting with people and seeing life through multiple lenses has led to some enriching and long-term alliances. Creativity, enthusiasm and adaptability continue to be driving forces in developing solutions and new methods for addressing life's challenges.


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