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The driving force behind Mohammad Saeed Rahman and the giving goals of Rubicon Global Group is mired in a story of devastation and hope...

The One Ummah Foundation was founded in loving memory of Mustafa Saeed Rahman who died tragically 6 days before his 12th birthday. The Rahman family endowed the One Ummah Foundation, whose name means: "One People", with the knowledge that the best way to honor Mustafa would be through the work of helping children worldwide. The Foundation is based on the principles of pluralism and diversity and is completely bias-free. Its over-arching goal is to free children from the cycle of poverty through education, and supporting families to prevent the need for child labor..

Between 1999 and 2013, One Ummah Foundation made a direct impact on the lives of over 100,000 people, primarily children, in over a dozen countries.  "We want to increase the impact to one million people," says Rahman.  "It starts with us."


The One Ummah Foundation has deep relationships with program personnel on the ground which ensures that donor funds are used efficiently for specified projects. For more information, please visit the website>

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