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What We Do

Investment Advisory Services

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When you want to achieve the best, most consistent returns - without compromising your values and integrity, you need a partner you can trust. Rubicon's personal service and deep experience will give you peace of mind that your investments are in good hands.

Rubicon Global Advisors is a boutique asset management and financial advisory firm in Portland, Oregon. Our focus is on maximizing risk-adjusted returns for clients through a broad range of premium socially responsible and ethical investment strategies.  


We start by listening to you and understanding your specific goals and values which form the foundation of your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Your IPS clearly defines your investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and lays out the prudence and diversification standards you want to maintain. This provides the discipline to  to stay focused on long-term objectives - which is of particular importance during times of market volatility when there may be temptation to react to short-term factors.


We focus on creating risk-adjusted value in client portfolios and believe that managing uncertainty is the only viable way of generating acceptable returns. We construct your portfolio after reviewing the risk characteristics of various asset classes and balancing the risks and rewards of market behavior in order to achieve your objective. Our investing philosophies are based on rational decisions, a contrarian approach and finding the sweet spot between risk and return.


Academic research shows that the decision of how to allocate total assets among various asset classes has much greater impact on portfolio performance than market timing and the selection of particular securities. Increased weighting to higher risk asset classes like small cap or value compared to a total market weighting, is expected to provide a higher return and more effective diversification.  International asset class funds have also historically provided more effective diversification. Increasing allocation to fixed income typically decreases the volatility risk of a portfolio.

Deciding on the appropriate asset allocation for your investments will be based on a review of your particular circumstances, such as your income sources, other assets, employment and business holdings.

How We Take the Stress Away

We achieve a balanced and well-thought out plan through a careful selection and allocation process.

  • Strategic fundamental (long term) cycles, combined with tactical (market cycles) investment outlooks

  • Risk-controlled, model asset allocation portfolios

  • Best-in-class managers for each asset class

  • No ties to commission-based brokerage firms

A World Class Alliance

A relationship you can trust

Rubicon Global is committed to providing you the most transparent, cost-competitive and ethical investment products. Additionally, we are backed by the #1 rated institutional brokerage firm, Charles Scwab & Co., providing you with ease of access to your accounts and statements.

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