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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Invest?

1. To beat inflation

2. To grow wealth

3. To create a passive income

4. Improves self-esteem and ultimately peace of mind

How Do I Prepare Myself For Investing?

What Are the Risks?

All investments carry a certain degree of risk. So does keeping your cash under the bed. Your risk increases when you try to play the stock market - buying in and out in the short term. You can decrease that risk by finding a trusted adviser who follows a long term strategy, with an asset allocation and diversification focus. Always look for an adviser who is registered, fee-only, and fully transparent. Speak to them personally and ask about their track record. Do your research.

Why Asset Management?

Our advisory services allow you to invest intelligently with confidence without having to watch your portfolio every day.

How is the Money Invested??

Monies are invested according to each investor’s specific needs and investment goals. Age, income, goals and personal beliefs are taken into account when constructing a portfolio.

Where are the Accounts Held?

We are partnered with Charles Schwab Institutional, the custodian of our accounts, and we use their world class investment platform to support our back office operations.

1. Define your goals, time frames and risk-tolerance.

2. Identify what activities or practices you will NOT invest in.

3. Find out your net worth.

4. Organize your finances and pay down debt.

5. Do your research.

Are the Statements Easy to Understand?

Your monthly statements are straightforward and easy to understand. They will show you activity in your account for the prior month. If you have any questions regarding your statement, your investment advisor is available to assist you.

Who do I Contact if I Have Questions?

The Rubicon Global Investment Team is here to answer your questions and guide you in your financial decisions. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just setting up your portfolio, we will help you develop a robust strategy to meet your needs.

Is There Online Access?

You will have 24/7 access to your accounts through the Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. client website at

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