How to Stay Calm in a Volatile Market

February 8, 2018

Three Words: Stay.The.Course.

Drama unfolded on the floor Monday as stocks took a massive tumble wiping out year to date gains. The turbulence is continuing with Wall Street's "Fear Gauge", The CBOE Volatility Index all over the place. How are clients responding to this? We asked Jonathan Truong, Portfolio Manager for Rubicon Global Group: "This is not their first rodeo", he calmly stated. "This is behavioral trading, it's short term, just like the rally in early January. Markets are efficient and have always made corrections." We tell our clients to focus on their long term investment plan and stay the course. Their portfolios are well diversified which reduces their financial risk in stock market bubbles and crashes. It doesn't help to jump in and out of the market, following the crowd; what does help is patience. Having the discipline to stick to your well-thought out Investment Policy Statement will support you to get rich slowly - without the stress of watching the stock market roller-coaster. "And", says Truong, "we are here to discuss any angst our clients might be feeling. We're not Robo Advisors, we are available to talk to our clients whenever they need us".



Rubicon Global Group specializes in Premium Socially Responsible & Ethical Investments with a focus on finding value stocks for long term growth.

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